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Meet The Team



You name it, I can design it!

You name it I can style it!



Hair and make up artist, jewellery designer, stylist, flower jewellery specialist.



Bangle specialist and pride myself on the Customer service I provide.

At Lotus we pride ourselves on being different. Not only do we design jewellery we also invent, we have the double ring, hand-wrap and Flower ‘Jewellery’ under our invention belt.

As Lotus has recently expanded, we’ve taken things to the next level!, want a customised piece on short notice? how does same day service sound?, there’s an array of designs and creations we can have ready for you on the same day 🙂

We aim to match your jewellery as close to your embroidery as possible and ease the pain of accessorising so we plate in antique gold, gold, rose gold, cream gold, silver and oxidised silver. not keen on designing? don't worry, we've a huge range of jewellery ready for you to take away.

Shopping with us is like shopping with your besties, we’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t, don’t forget, we’re on YOUR team, our jewellery will only look good if you feel good wearing it. Our customers are the heart of our business and creativity, just like, no two people are the same, no two creations at Lotus are the same either. we’re not sales people we’re stylists it’s not about getting the most out of your pocket it’s about getting the most out of the look you want to achieve.

At Lotus we have a vision which isn’t to cater to just the top 1% of the world its to dress as many brides across the globe as possible, the dream is to make every brides dreams come true so we try our hardest to cater to all brides with varying budgets and looks which is why we’ve now started hair and make-up, to ensure you look exactly the way you envisioned, you’ll have both an artist and a stylist for your big day, 2 birds one stone 😉 !

Customer service is a dying art and we pride ourselves on making our client the heart of our business, we work hard to provide a service which makes our customer want to come back for more. Lotus isn’t about sales its about loyalty and relationships. we've over 20 years experience in this industry so if there's anyone you can trust, Is us!

So kick back, relax and let us handle it……after all, it’s what we do!


Team Lotus

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